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24K Gold Barber Chair

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Bespoke 24k Gold Barber chair, only 1 of 1 in the world

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Goldgenie were commissioned to produce The Barbers’ Chair as a gallery installation for a well known artist. As is his modus operandi, the artist Abdu’Allah likes to experiment with a variety of forms, themes and mediums of expression. Best known for such works as Head of State (1997) and The Last Supper I and II (1994), The artist Abdu’Allah wanted to represent the importance of barbershop culture. Having won numerous awards and grants that include: the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors grant and the Mayor of London Award for Sustainability, Abdu’Allah’s joint endeavor with Goldgenie stands to be one of his most talked about yet. The Barber’s Chair, 2017 Courtesy © Faisal Abdu’Allah/Autograph ABP. Commissioned by Autograph ABP. Installation photograph by Ben Reeves.

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