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The Red Bull Racing Collection

The Red Bull racing collection is a limited-edition range of unique, functional art objects, hand-crafted from components which have run and raced on Red Bull Racing’s Formula One cars.

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The collection, comprising of 13 exclusive designs, includes a stunning floor-standing lamp using a polished exhaust system, sets of elegant coasters made from gearbox rings encased in a handmade,oiled walnut presentation box, stylish wall mirrors which take their DNA from the brake discs that scrubbed the speed off the car’s wheels and simple, chic LED desk lamps created from suspension push rods.

The items in the limited-edition collection have been crafted and inspired by the individual car parts selected, each taking many hours of skilled workmanship to hone and perfect. Every item in collection comes with a certificate of authenticity and a history of where each part was raced or used by the team -several will include a tour of the team’s Formula One factory and headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

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