"Luxury gifts for the ungiftable"

Gold Roses

Goldgenie roses are perfectly preserved in 24k gold, platinum and resin making sure they will literally last forever, as each petal and leaf is perfectly preserved.

We know from fossilized remains dating back over 35 million years that the Rose is one of the first flowers to adorn the Earth and has since become a symbol of Love, Peace and Beauty.

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*U.K delivery 2-3 days, Special delivery by Royal mail with tracking no. and signed for. Then for International orders 5-7 days, FedEx delivery with tracking no. and signed for.
Goldgenie roses

Tradition & Ethical Gold

Traditional to English culture the Rose is given as a gift all throughout the year in appreciation to love and friendship, values that last... just like your Never Die Rose. Goldgenie support ethical gold mining which will eventually eradicate poor mining practices throughout the world.
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