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The BlackBerry Collection

Dazzle the crowds with a Gold BlackBerry, exclusively from Goldgenie


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The 24k Gold BlackBerry P'9981s

Goldgenie also features a range of Gold BlackBerry P'9981s, featuring the lightning speed browsing, accessible display, fantastic camera and more, with a choice of three show-stopping designs. Opt for a stainless steel black and 24k Gold plated design with the Gold BlackBerry P'9981 Black – Supreme. Go for more Gold with the Gold BlackBerry with Gold Coloured Keypad Emperor. Bring on the bling with the Gold BlackBerry with Gold Coloured Keypad Crystal Emperor, with immaculate Swarovski style crystals painstakingly fitted into your pristine phone. It's your call. Gold by Goldgenie, powered by BlackBerry. An exceptional combination.

The 24k Gold BlackBerry Q10

We present to you the show-stopping 24k Gold BlackBerry Q10. The crowning jewel in any gadget lover's collection, it's got it all. With a 24k Gold-plated bezel around the exterior and a 24k Gold integrated panel underneath your key pad, our Q10 turns heads and drops jaws. Slim, smart, with an Operating System slick enough to help the busiest of schedules run smoothly, as a phone the BlackBerry Q10 is the perfect addition to a life in the fast lane. Still not enough? You have the option to customise with diamonds and Swarovski style crystals, lovingly encrusted into your beautiful smartphone.
Please Note: Goldgenie are not associated with Apple Inc. or any of its brands in any way.